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  • Dental Health   •   October 2, 2017

Dental crowns are one of the most frequently recommended and popularly done dental procedures. This is because they fix a variety of problems and help significantly extend a tooth’s life. Plus, it’s a basically painless procedure. You can think of a dental crown as a helmet or hat that covers all (or the majority) of the parts of your tooth above your gums. It looks like a natural tooth and strengthens your actual tooth as it holds it together. Let’s look into just a few of the reasons you may need a dental crown.

Check-ups make a difference

Tooth decay causes your teeth to weaken and jeopardizes their structure. When tooth decay reaches serious levels, dentists need to remove the affected areas. This leaves your teeth weakened and vulnerable to new bacteria. A dental crown can cover the rest of your tooth and prevent new bacteria from entering so you don’t need to get your tooth removed. When untreated, tooth decay can create cavities, which are also frequently treated with crowns.

Whenever one of your teeth has a cavity, some of the tooth structure needs to be taken out in order to fill it. If you have an especially large cavity, or that tooth has been filled several times over the years, there isn’t much original tooth left. This means it is extremely weak and susceptible to more damage. Covering that tooth with a dental crown will protect it and make it stronger.

Bright, white teeth are stronger teeth

When you have a root canal, the tooth gets hollowed out. That makes it somewhat exposed and more likely to crack. At this point, it’s standard to recommend crowns to prevent further damage and strengthen it. It lets you use the tooth as you normally would, without sensitivity, as it protects the tooth under it.

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